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From USA to Italy: to die because you're black
post pubblicato in Giustizia, il 13 agosto 2014

Rachel Odiase was aged only 13 months.

The night of march 3, 2010 she begins to get sick, she’s prone of violent bouts of vomit and their parents call the ambulance. Rachel is taken to hospital, where a doctor visit her. On the medical report are shown the time of entry and exit: 00,39-00,45 . The medical examination lasts six minutes. She is discharged from the hospital immediatly with the prescription of three drugs. 

Rachel still feel bad and his father come back to the hospital asking for a urgent  medical examination. The answer of doctors is appalling, absurd and absolutely illegal, as I am going to explain. They say to Mr Odiase the health card of Rachel is expired, so they can't visit or hospitalize her. Someone of them call police because of the fierce protest of the Rachel’s father. Someone else remember that few days before a albanian child aged only 18 months die after being discharged by another facility of the same hospital in Melzo, near there: so at 3 am Rachel is hospitalized, but  until 8 o’clock no one doctor visit her, no drip is administered to Rachel while she has very strong attacks of dysentery and she is no longer able to drink anything. In the evening the situation is critical. When she starts to have heartbeat problems,  someone right away remembers to be a doctor and intervenes, but it’s too late. She dies after 30 minutes of useless resuscitation maneuvers. 

Someone wonder why this is considered a racist incident. Easy: no one doctor in this damn whole country would have the courage to refuse visit or hospitalize me because my health card is expired. I’m pretty sure it’s happened to me to receive medical care without my health card or when it was expired. It’s not an out and out ID document. It’s only a document that lets the national healthcare system to identify you only of the purpose of medical treatment and all above record  the requests of patients and the treatments to monitor the overall situation.

No one doctor would have the courage to write “buone condizioni di salute” (goodhealth)  in a medical report of a white 13 months child getting sick with violent bouts of vomit.

The two doctors,  accused by Milan prosecutor of manslaughter, were sentenced only 2 years and 2 years and 8 months of imprisonement. 

Claudia Esposito  (@AyasheMaitai)

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