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Trying to disrupt Palestinian society
post pubblicato in Diritto Internazionale Umanitario, il 10 agosto 2014

In the current conflict in Gaza, most observers have raise doubts about what was –and still are- the real targets of IDF in Gaza. From a juridical point of view, the analisys must necessarly start out, as always, from the effective aftermath ofthe war. So, two fundamental elements emerge:

1.    Israeli officials didn’t show a single evidence that an objective targeted was a military objective according to the international humanitarian law.

2.    Despite the statements of the Israeli PM Netanyahu and the IDF spokespersons, the vaste majority of the victims of this conflict are civilians, around half of them women and children.

As discharge the responsabilities of your own actions on the enemy is not basically  allowed by the international law concerning the mutual relations of states, maybe it’s time to try to understand what is the real political aim of this type of war, made by Israel in the absolute and widespread violation of international humanitarian law.

Firstable, as the experts of the modern conflicts can explain, this is absolutely not the first case in which the objectives targeted are civilians. Most wars in Africa are wars against civilians living in places of which mercenaries of international companies, armies of corrupted governements and local criminal organisations disguised as rebels militias want obtain the control. Sometimes fighting against each others sometimes allied, those armed forces on the ground have a problem to solve: civilians living in those territories claim for a fair use of their natural resources which also includes their chance to live and work on their land. As it means basically human rights like a salary, infrastructures and better conditions of live, no one subjects fighting on the ground is available to do it. At the same time, the displacement of those population is not an effective solution: sooner or later people will come back to their land, possibly starting a fight for their rights. Dangerous eventuality which can become expensive to quell. So finally they found the solution of this problem: the disintegration of the society. There is here  a difference with respect to genocide: in fact, they don’t want the total disappearance of civilians population, which must be the aim of action in the legal definition of genocide under international law.  They work for a civilian population shocked, poverty-stricken and unaware of any chance of rebellion enough to accept inhuman conditions of life and work and never ask for their rights on natural resources of their land. The disintegration fo the society is pursued through first and foremost massive rapes of women and young girls: fudamental action to destroy those little societies based on family ties, because women and children raped are discriminated by the rest of population. All above, they often contract HIV that isolates them from all of others. Second, periodical massive murders are required to avoid the rebuilding of homes, churches and finally a semblance of normal life in the places of which the differents armed groups want to take the control.

Now we have to wonder if the same method is used by Israel to achieve his political aim. But ..what’s the political aim of Israel? Nobody seems to know it. So, I think, we have to follow a rational way to understand the goal of Israeli policy; starting, as I said, by the aftermath of the political and – in this case –military action, taking into account that, exactly like in Africa wars, each subject does only what it is convenient to do to get your own result with if possible the minimum economic  effort. So, Israeli is basically targeting civilians. According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, cited by Amnesty International report dated August 7, 1,814 Palestinians had been killed in the Gaza Strip, 86 percent of them civilians. More than 9,400 people have been injured, many of them seriously. An estimated 485,000 people across the Gaza Strip have been displaced, and many of them are taking refuge in hospitals and schools. Those numbers represent very well the indifference of Israel for the fate of civilians, because they show that Israel violated international humanitarianlaw targeting objectives too close to civilians homes and with no evidences that objectives were “military” under international humanitarian law. But it gets worse,  Israel showed a willingness to attack Palestinians population repeatedly targeting ambulances, hospitals and in general healtcare facilities. There were no evidences that those places were under the control of Hamas, and the consequences of the attacks showed that it was nothing more than healtcare facilities, that is civilian objectives.

Those data bring a reflection we have to do: maybe the real military goal of Israel, like in most african wars, is the palestinian society. Rebuild schools, hospitals,homes, mosques will take many years, maybe decades. On the basis of the evidences not shown by Israel, the only aftermath of targeting those buildings is to prevent a normal life in Gaza. 9.400 people injured, many of themseriously, means a generation of disabled which will have a hard future in Gaza. Children and women slaughter is typical of this type of war, as it follows the disintegration of the family as the primary core of society. A society  increasingly weak, unable to produce any kind of policy, moderate or extremist, and so in fact forced to accept the final political goal of Israel: the one state solution in which there will be no place for  a political recognition of the palestinian nation and palestinians will live as a minority exploited as already currently they are.

Claudia Esposito

Bachelor in  UN International Law of armed conflicts and International humanitarian Law

 Post graduated with thesis on international terrorism in italian jurisprudence


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